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The Five Money Keys

The foundations of the blueprint are the "5 Money keys."

Our research has shown that if the 5 Money Keys are addressed in an integrated fashion, then nothing important is left to chance. This then maximizes the potential for success. These money keys are;

Make and Manage It - Cash flow planning and management including a lifetime cash flow model, structuring of salary/ earnings and an expenditure plan.
Keep It - Taxation planning, including utilization of the most appropriate investment structures for each stage of your life.
Grow It - Investment strategies and vehicles, including trade offs between flexibility and growth, risk and return.
Protect It - Identification of major risks/ impediments to achievement of your desired lifestyle, and a sensible plan to address these.
Transfer It - Ensuring your wealth is transferred to your loved ones with minimal hassle and taxation.

The integration of these keys is achieved through the use of an individualised client friendly financial model.. This enables us to assess the impact of various options, so you can clearly see the financial strategies that are likely to give you the greatest leverage towards your goals.

"The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it's a different kind of life."

Buckminster Fuller