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Financial Blueprint

If you owned a block of land and wanted to build a home, few people would commence building without a blueprint! Most would consult with an architect.

The architect would start by asking them what they want. How may rooms? How important is lighting? Do they want a fresh modern mood or understated elegance? What are your priorities? At this stage he is not interested in who will supply the window frames, what the colour of the bricks will be……..

To build a house that meets your desires asking the right questions will help you envisage your "dream home" - and will help you achieve it.

The financial blueprint process is similar. We "begin with the end in mind" through asking the right questions and listening. This helps to build a shared vision of the "finished product." Again like an architecturally designed home, the financial blueprint includes extensive client input - both initially to assess "where are we now", but also as the model is being built.

The adviser acts as a facilitator and the process is designed around a lifetime cash flow model which can then be updated each year to reflect your current circumstances and your moving goals.

"The minute you choose to do what you really want to do, it's a different kind of life."

Buckminster Fuller